Who is Optima Global Health?

In one word –


Optima Global Health is a pioneer of the integrated approach for workplace health and wellness. In practical terms, our expertise incorporates health promotion, prevention, psychosocial intervention, physical health support, disability management and vocational rehabilitation.

Our holistic health and wellness approach reflects our ongoing drive for innovation. It has been at the heart of our culture and mission, guiding our organization’s development since 1993. This integrated expertise helps us act efficiently at many levels: awareness and training, employee assistance program (EAP), healthy lifestyle habits, coaching for managers, disability support, early intervention, etc.

Through our services to organizations, market intermediaries and insurers from coast to coast, Optima Global Health cares for the physical and psychological health of over 2 million members.



What are the benefits for you?

Reduced costs related

to disability, absenteeism,

and presenteeism

Lighter workload

for executives

and managers

Greater talent retention

and recruitment

Optimal service

across Canada

Quicker return

to health and work

Significant return

on investment