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An organization’s success is intimately tied to employee health and wellness. Human resources who have adequate support are more fulfilled and productive, which is beneficial for the individual and the organization.

As a pioneer of the integrated workplace health and wellness approach, Optima Global Health is here to provide you with specialized assistance services.

General services

  • 24/7 support for all employees and their dependants

  • 6 hours of psychosocial consultation by phone, online or in person

  • Multidisciplinary team of counsellors


    Multidisciplinary team of counsellors

    Our multidisciplinary team is composed of professionals from a variety of fields in order to best meet your needs: psychologists, social workers, sexologists, psychoeducators, resource teachers, guidance counsellors, nurses, nutritionists, kinesiologists, financial advisors and legal advisors, among many others.

  • Help with personal problems


    Help with personal problems

    Stress, anxiety, depression, managing your emotions, relationship issues, burnout, self-esteem, violent behaviour, life stages, traumatic events, grief, etc.

  • Help with marital and family problems


    Help with marital and family problems

    Communication, conflict, work-life balance, separation, sexuality, blended families, a child’s behaviour, etc.

  • Support for cyberbullying and eco-anxiety


    Support for cyberbullying and eco-anxiety

    Cyberbullying is when a person experiences psychological harassment (repeated hateful comments, threats, etc.) in an online setting (social media, email, instant messaging, etc.).

    Eco-anxiety is a feeling of distress about disrupted ecosystems, and a form of anxiety rooted in worries about environmental issues.

  • Help with addiction issues


    Help with addiction issues

    Alcohol, drugs, gambling, medication, video games, internet, etc.

  • Help with problems at work


    Help with problems at work

    Interpersonal issues, harassment, dissatisfaction, productivity, assertiveness, career shifts, etc.

  • One hour of legal and financial consultation by phone


    One hour of legal and financial consultation by phone

    Legal advice: family law, succession, civil liability, signing a contract, immigration, problems with neighbours, etc.

    Financial advice: budget planning, managing credit, debt, bankruptcy, financial aspects of divorce, etc.

  • Coaching for managers


    Coaching for managers

    Our assistance program includes a specific service to guide managers in finding the most appropriate way to handle a particular situation with one or more employees. The goal is to prevent problems from escalating and developing into potentially damaging situations, such as prolonged absences.

    This service can be used to help resolve a conflict between two employees or identify the best way to react to someone displaying problematic behaviour. It can also support managers with their communication and action plans during organizational shifts. And these are just a few examples of the circumstances that our coaching service could help managers through.

    Situational coaching

    Physical or mental problems, difficult interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, substance abuse, absenteeism, organizational changes, post-traumatic counselling, etc.

  • Crisis intervention*


    Crisis intervention

    In addition to individual difficulties, organizations can be faced with disruptive events that may destabilize employees, work teams or even the entire organization.

    Get all the phone support you need in less than an hour. In situations requiring an intervention in the workplace, a specialized counsellor will be on site within 24 hours.

  • Statistical reports upon request

    (for companies with 71 or more employees)

* Costs may apply.

Support for self-employed workers and small businesses

  • Human resources coaching


    Human resources coaching

    Harassment complaints, mental health issues, high rates of absenteeism, organizational restructuring, substance abuse, burnout, difficult personalities, support for a return to work, etc.

  • Assistance with organizational decision-making


    Assistance with organizational decision-making

    Operational change, allocation, recruitment, assessing team effectiveness, assessing workload, etc.

  • Support through company growth


    Support through company growth

    Needs assessment (organic or external growth), partnership assessment, resource assessment, workforce planning, growth management training for managers, etc.

  • Tips on different types of management


    Tips on different types of management

    Self-affirmation, employee retention problems, personality conflicts, change management, new management culture, leadership styles, communication styles, etc.

  • Help with managing difficult clients


    Help with managing difficult clients

    Handling an intoxicated client, a client who makes suicidal or paranoid comments, a client with violent or threatening behaviour, etc.

Family services

  • Assistance to find a seniors’ residence

  • Parental coaching and help for children with learning difficulties


    Parental coaching and help for children with learning difficulties

    This key service focuses on empowerment to assist children with learning difficulties and help their parents to better intervene. The parent thus plays a central role in remedial instruction.

  • Assessment and action plan for homework help


    Assessment and action plan for homework help

    After an assessment of the child, we give recommendations and develop an individualized action plan. The broad objectives of the action plan are to structure the support efforts and set priorities.

  • Pairing with a homework help specialist

    (remedial instruction consultation not included)

COVID-19 support

  • Articles



    We provide you with articles that have been specially developed to give you better tools for psychosocial health during a pandemic: strategies for managing stress, social distancing and family life, for getting ready to come back to the workplace, etc.

  • Webinars



    Webinars are available to watch at your convenience, to help you develop personal strategies for various aspects of the pandemic, such as strategies for stress and anxiety management and personal work-life balance.

  • Special support


  • Mobile app


    Mobile app

    EAP Optima is an exclusive mobile app for people covered by an Optima Global Health assistance program. It encourages users to ask for help, puts them in contact with the available tools and helps them to better understand the professional services they can use.

    Users can chat online with a first-line agent from our call centre, talk to a counsellor by video chat and explore an extensive health information portal.

  • HR Management Platform**


    HR Management Platform

    The HR Management Platform can send a text message to each employee 45 minutes before their work shift, allowing you to check whether they have any COVID-19 symptoms or risks factors. If yes, the employee will get a message asking them not to come to work and informing them that their supervisor will contact them soon. The employer is then promptly notified by email. The platform saves a record of each communication and provides reports with customizable parameters.

** Can be used for workplace attendance management.


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All monthly rates are offered as part of a one-year contract, beginning on the start date. These exclusive rates are available only until December 31, 2021 and are subject to change without notice.

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