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Since 1993, Optima Global Health has been a pioneer in vocational rehabilitation and early intervention in Canada. Our interdisciplinary team has unparalleled expertise in helping employees to return to health, return to work and retain their jobs.

Our vocational rehabilitation services provide organizations and individuals guaranteed support with every aspect of the rehabilitation of employees living with physical or psychological problems. They help curb escalating costs and cut down on absenteeism for organizations, not to mention preventing or slowing insurance premium increases.

Success in remote support

Because we cover all of Canada, including far-flung regions, our team specializes in remote support. Experience has proven that we can establish and develop effective bonds of trust at a distance, and we have the results to back it up. Our vocational rehabilitation services are available in person, by phone, and by video consultation.


All programs listed below can be preceded by an assessment to determine the most appropriate program and define the necessary steps.

Early Intervention Rehabilitation Program

This program allows for intensive care, right from the start, for disability cases involving individuals with the greatest need for it: cases of chronic pain, major depression, deconditioning, conflict, etc. Our support can start immediately after assessment, and our goal is always a quick, healthy and sustainable return to work (RTW).

Hybrid Personalized Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

This program combines the strengths of a traditional EAP-style consultation with those of vocational rehabilitation. It offers hybrid specialized assistance (EAP/rehabilitation) with both treatment of symptoms and preparation for a return to work (RTW). The program is designed for individuals in need of support to reduce their symptoms (for example, psychological diagnoses without psychotic features, such as depression, adjustment disorder or anxiety disorder) and thereby potentially hasten their RTW. The program also includes communication with the employer to improve coordination of support.

Conflict Resolution and RTW Facilitation Program

This program is intended to identify problems that could be an obstacle to an employee’s return to work (RTW) and to find solutions acceptable to all, through a series of interventions with the employee, their peers and their employer. Our approach includes three-party meetings that can be conducted in person, by phone or by video conference.

Physical and Psychological Functional Reactivation Program (Optim’active/PGAP)

Through a customized educational coaching approach, this program helps people experiencing pain, fatigue or chronic depression to gain better control of their disabling symptoms, improve their level of functionality and return to their professional positions.

Personality Disorder Rehabilitation Program

This program helps adults with borderline personality disorders work to adopt healthy lifestyles, increase their social participation and return to work.

Job Search and Career Change Program (Rx Employment)

The goal of this program is to enable people to rapidly reenter the job market. We provide assistance with setting realistic career goals, searching for training opportunities, approaching potential employers and finding a job.

Kinesiology and Personalized Reactivation Program (Kin’action)

This program is supervised by a specialist in physical activity and vocational rehabilitation. Our team will design an exercise program adapted for the person’s home and condition, with the goal of a return to work (RTW). The program includes a video demonstrating the exercises as well as follow-up and support from appropriate professionals.

Ergonomic Analysis of Workstation

Ergonomic analysis assesses the compatibility of an employee’s functional limitations and job requirements with their workstation, with the goal of modifying or adapting their work methods or the workstation itself, if necessary. This analysis can also identify another suitable position within the organization for the individual and their limitations. Our assessment can be done in person or via video.

QPP and CPP Optimization

This service helps optimize applications to the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) to increase the success rate of the process. We provide support and guidance for disability insurance beneficiaries at all stages of the process of applying for a disability pension or disputing an unfavourable decision, in order to maximize results.

Employability Skills Profile (ESP)

This service provides a comprehensive report analyzing transferable skills, including detailed methodology, complete professional monographs and data on the job market. Such a report is especially useful in contentious cases.


Initial Rehabilitation Assessment

This assessment helps clarify the insured person’s potential for rehabilitation, with the goal of setting up an action plan for their return to work (RTW). The assessment involves a meeting with the insured person and, if needed, contacting their physician and/or employer. This process allows us to define the person’s needs and the obstacles to their RTW. The resulting customized action plan is aimed at helping the person recover in the best conditions and the best timeframe possible.

Specific Disability Management Assessment (DMA)

The DMA gives a biopsychosocial assessment of the insured person’s condition, using a semistructured interview and targeted, effective psychometrics. The goal is to provide fresh insights on the person’s primary symptoms, general capacity and prognosis for a return to work (RTW). The assessment allows the person responsible for the case to improve their ongoing assessment, get a better grasp of which efforts to prioritize, and commit to an achievable action plan. The DMA will expand upon the information already in the case file and, if needed, incorporate psychodynamic and psychosocial issues that affect the disability’s progression.

Rapid Summary Assessment (RSA)

An RSA includes a meeting at the insured person’s home in order to obtain important disability information and assess the potential for a return to work (RTW). This meeting will take place within 5 business days and the brief report with disability management recommendations will be sent within 7 business days. Upon request, an RSA can also be conducted by video.

Miscellaneous assessments

Other assessments that our team can provide for you include employability assessments, psychometric assessments, reentry assessments, weight loss assessments, etc.

And much more!

Let us know what you need regarding vocational rehabilitation, and discover the vast range of possibilities we offer!

  • Coordination of medical expertise or independent assessments
  • Psychotherapy support service
  • Phone interventions to expedite appointments, tests or surgeries